Diamond cutter in diamonds JSC “Komdragmetall RS (Ya)” was awarded the honorary title ” Civil valor»

On behalf of the staff and management of JSC Komdragmetall RS(ya), we congratulate Vasily Prokopevich Samsonov, a diamond cutter, on being awarded the honorary title of “Civil valor” — one of the highest state awards of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Vasily prokopyevich Samsonov, having chosen the specialty of diamond cutter in diamonds, connected his life with the cutting industry more than 26 years ago and successfully continues to work for more than 15 years in the cutting Shop of JSC “Komdragmetall RS(Ya)”. An indicator of his professional skill was the achievement of the title of the best cutter of the Republic, when Vasily prokopevich took 1st place and won the Open championship of professional skill of cutters and jewelers of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2018.

Vasily prokopievich also actively participates in the public life of the collective of JSC “Komdragmetall RS (Ya)”. A successful participant of table tennis competitions among organizations, is constantly invited as a judge at international and national table tennis competitions.

Professional experience and human decency of V. p. Samsonov set a worthy example for the younger generation of our company. The entire team is proud of such personnel, it is the hands of our specialists who cut raw diamonds into the highest quality diamonds, which then form the basis of jewelry from the “Diamonds of Yakutia”chain.

Team of JSC ” Komdragmetall RS (Ya)»